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Pike 1926
The Pike School
Andover, Massachusetts
An independent, coed, day school
for grades pre-kindergarten through nine

Sustainability Goals for 2011-2014: A Three-year Plan



  •   To establish a checklist of all energy output areas in the school and delineate potential conservation measures that could be used to save energy at each location possible.


--Sources of electrical use in Farnsworth:  lights, computers, copiers, printers, air conditioning,  etc.

--Conservation measures to save on usage:  timers, shorter time spans for automatic shutoffs, more signage, and accountability for turn offs, etc.

  •   To focus on the energy efficiency of Farnsworth in the next Five Year Plan the Board is drafting.  This plan should incorporate many of the Sustainability Committee’s goals into it.
  •   To continue work on HVAC overhaul with a lens on conservation of heat and air conditioning, tightening of the exterior envelope of the building and monitoring of air quality.  This will be done with the help of the energy consulting firm, Enerspectives.
  •   To pursue research on alternative energy options including solar hot water, geothermal, and photovoltaic solar power. 
  •   To continue to investigate reduction of paper usage in printers and copiers
  •   To investigate and establish Building Dashboards that exhibit energy use in individual buildings on campus and serve as learning tools for students by integrating the goals of energy and curriculum.
  •   To integrate sustainable guidelines into any overall plan for maintenance and design of grounds including but not limited to water use, pesticide and herbicide applications, tree plantings, etc.
  •   To continue to promote anti-idling among parents in dismissal line by upgrading signage, making announcements to the parent community early in the year that this is expected protocol, and publishing reminders of this as the year progresses.


Education and Resource Management

1.    Education and Curriculum

  •   To encourage school-wide environmental literacy by integrating a sustainable component into each grade level from PK – 9.  This would consist of an action/service learning experience  (e.g. gardening in Pre-K, recycling in 7th, turtle restoration in 9th) as well as a curricular unit that relates to sustainability, natural history or conservation ethics. This continuum would be grade-specific and would build on itself as a student proceeds through their years at Pike.
  •   To establish a nature trail or study area (with possible accompanying field guide) on the Pike grounds that can be used by teachers for environmental education activities.
  •   To provide more professional development opportunities for teachers in the areas of sustainability and outdoor education. This will require making funding available for speakers, workshop coordinators, or other outside experts to help train faculty in the promotion of environmental literacy.
  •   To continue to monitor the compost and garden initiatives on campus to make sure they are being maintained and are an integral part of the LS and MS curriculum.


 2.   Public Awareness

  •   To create a Sustainability bulletin board in a visible public location that will contain the following:

a)     a “Green Tip of the Week” to be created by each grade on a rotating basis throughout the year. This task can be undertaken by anchor groups in the LS and MS and advisor groups in the US.

b)   relevant articles, photographs or notices about sustainable events occurring at Pike or elsewhere in the community.

  •   To provide permanent signage around the school about conservation of resources, composting rules, recycling, etc. that can better convey the sustainable values of the school.
  •   To work closely with the Parent Sustainability Committee and the Parents’ Association to increase public awareness of the parent community, continue cooperation with parent-organized Pike events, and increase outreach to the greater Andover community.
  •   To continue the Green Film series that was so successful in the winter of 2011.
  •   To increase town-wide publicity (in the local papers) to inform the larger community about ongoing efforts at Pike.


3.    Waste Management

  •   To continue to refine and upgrade the 7th grade recycling initiative so that disposal and collection of paper and containers operate in a timely and efficient manner.
  •   To establish a maintenance schedule for the composting and recycling containers in the community room that is open to public use.
  •   To improve signage in public areas to inform people about the rules of compost and recycling.
  •   To reduce the numbers of catalogs sent to Pike faculty and staff, especially those being sent to multiple recipients.
  •   To encourage ways to reuse and/or recycle textbooks from year to year by implementing a year-end return or donation program when appropriate.
  •   To emphasize more reducing and reusing among the community by providing more education about the value of trees and ecosystems and to pay more attention to conservation of resources on printers and copiers.
  •   To continue to consider excess packaging in our purchase of food and supplies, with careful attention to eliminating the use of bottled water on campus.
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