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The Quill is The Pike School's official magazine. It is mailed to some 4,000 members of the Pike community.

Below are links that will allow you to download PDFs of the past several issues' feature articles and get further insight to the concerns, convictions, and considerations that shape the unique character of a Pike education.

Spring 2013

why all-day kindergarten?

Time Warp
why new schedules?

Perspectives on Electives
why a new electives program?

                                     Pike's 1-to-1 iPad Initiative


Spring 2012

Pike's Merrimack Valley Program
changing lives for 25 years

Our Professional Learning Community
a focus on learning 

Winter 2011

Identifying Identity
toward building richly diverse communities

Let's Talk TERC
an explanation of Pike's Lower and Middle School math curriculum

Winter 2010

The Distinguishing Slice
As misunderstood as it is vital, the Annual Fund is an integral part of an independent school education.

Spring 2009

Pike's Sustainability Initiative

Fall 2008

Deconstructing a Curriculum
Unfettered by standardized, state-designed tests, independent schools bear the responsibility for their own curricula. In its determination to remain in the forefront of educational excellence, The Pike School takes that responsibility seriously.

Center of Attention
Pike’s New Dahod Center for Community and Creative Learning

Spring 2008

Defining Leadership at Pike 
In a setting like Pike, where teachers can know each student individually and well, leaders are recognized not by their titles, but by their behaviors.

Spring 2007

The Naturing Environment
There is a distinct advantage to a school’s being located on thirty-five acres of fields and woods when its teachers strive to incorporate place-based learning into the science curriculum.

Cheeseburger Eddie to the Rescue
surviving the crayfish unit

Dirt Time
time spent outdoors, studying the natural world first-hand and up close


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