Mission Statement    

The Pike School seeks to develop within its community a lifelong love of learning, respect for others, the joy of physical activity, and a creative spirit.

A Pike education is a journey that prepares students to be independent learners and responsible citizens.


We believe the potential within each of us deserves to be recognized and nurtured.

We believe children develop best when there is an active and willing partnership between school and family.

We believe that adults are important role models, guides, and mentors for children.

We believe the connections among teachers and students are most effective in small group settings.

We believe our curriculum teaches skills and strategies that foster the acquisition of knowledge, critical thinking, and creative problem solving.

We believe that an enriching, challenging, and supportive environment is necessary for personal development.

We believe that by recognizing, respecting, sharing, and appreciating our similarities and differences, we grow and flourish.

We believe that for children to become responsible global citizens, we must teach sound environmental stewardship of our earth and its resources.



The Pike School will be widely recognized as a leader in the education of the whole child. 

Pike School will:

  • Provide a supportive environment where the whole child is valued and has opportunities for success and challenge as a scholar, citizen, artist and athlete.
    • Each student at Pike School will be well known by many adults in the community.
      • Explore new opportunities to formalize interactions between students and teachers.
      • Seek feedback from students and parents through surveys and conversations (note: feedback would be sought on many elements of the vision through the same tool).
    • At Pike School every student will have an age-appropriate understanding of his or her own learning profile in order to be a better learner.
      • Each division will develop and implement a plan for how to help students: (1) better understand their learning profile and (2) build upon that understanding to be a better learner.
      • Formal plan to have students write annually about how they learn.
    • At Pike School students will be encouraged to develop and use their own voices to be effective self-advocates and contributors to the community.
      • Investigate whether there are additional measures the school could be taking to enable students to be more effective self advocates
      • Formal plan to have students write about how they contribute to the community each year
    • Pike School will create an environment where students feel safe to explore outside their own comfort zone, understanding that growth comes from reaching beyond what they believe is possible.
      • Find new opportunities to build the theme of resilience into the curriculum (e.g., literature choices, etc.).
  • Continually improve a curriculum that focuses on the whole child and imparts the tools needed to succeed in an ever-changing world.
    • Formalize the annual process that maintains Pike’s scope and sequence for all curricula and monitors its implementation.
      • The Head of School, Division Heads and Teaching and Learning Committee will finalize this process by January 2010.
    • Create a process to more systematically identify opportunities to keep our curriculum up-to-date, and provide resources and support for pursuit of highest priority opportunities, with special attention to best practices in content and methodology and areas such as media literacy/digital citizenship, diversity, sustainability, health and wellness, etc., and through technology tools that help our students become capable and committed global citizens.
  • Attract, develop and retain a faculty and staff who are inspired by and committed to The Pike School’s mission and use assessment of student learning to improve instruction.
    • Professional Development budget increased to enable
      • At least current level of professional development work
      • Additional travel to conferences
      • Consulting support as needed to provide an outside voice
    • Greater emphasis on sharing Pike’s expertise outside of the community
      • Presenting at external conferences
      • Applications for outside awards and/or grants
      • Publishing articles, etc., in external media
      • Finding additional ways to leverage Pike's website
    • Create a culture of support that reinforces Pike's commitment to faculty
      • Competitive faculty compensation (i.e., compensation not an issue in recruitment or retention)
      • Opportunities to add/enhance benefits explored and considered (e.g., retirement, dental, other)
      • New on-site benefits (e.g., fitness room, yoga classes)
      • Increased opportunities for communication and collaboration across divisions.
    • Evaluation and feedback for faculty reinforce the school's mission and vision
      • Professional Learning Communities
      • Improve and increase the opportunities for evaluations and feedback as part of ongoing professional development.
  • Will embrace and sustain an increasingly diverse community, where diversity in all its forms is cherished and celebrated.
    • Educate member of the Pike community about the spectrum and value of diversity through a range of events and experiences.
      • Continue to develop diversity material on the website.
      • Extend parent multicultural group events and meetings.
      • Share the work from the Affinity Group and Multicultural Group with families and classmates.
    • Enhance awareness about Pike’s commitment to diversity, in all of its forms, throughout the Merrimac Valley.
      • Make connections with public schools throughout the Merrimac Valley.
      • Website
    • Ensure diversity is reflected in the ongoing development and implementation of the curriculum.
      • Research and asses the benefits of participating in AIM through NAIS, A program designed to review the curriculum and school climate through a diversity lens.
      • Look into the work of Enid Lee and Enidlee Consultants. They specialize in consulting schools in anit-racist education and organizational change, and can also help develop curriculum.
    • Celebrate diversity through varied events, conferences,
      • Continue events such as the Diversity Dessert, the Alumni Potluck, Multicultural Movie Night and parent multicultural group nights.
      • Presentations at NAIS People of Color Conference or at the AISNE Diversity Conference.
    • Provide support systems and structure to ensure a positive experience for all students, faculty, and families.
      • Develop a support system for the Merrimac Valley Program families.
      • Continue and expand the work in the Affinity and Multicultural Group programs.
    • Move towards ensuring that a Pike education is affordable to all.
      • fundraising
      • solicit individuals that will fund financial aid
  • Provide a vibrant, supportive and inclusive environment for all members of the Pike community.
    • Parent Community Goals:
      • To educate parents on involvement opportunities and stewardship responsibilities.
        • Create a formal collateral piece outlining the above to be given to each family.
        • Use PA and Connecting Family Program to reinforce.
      • To encourage parents to find a niche in which they are comfortable volunteering.
        • Use PA and Connecting Family Program to reinforce.
        • Event organizes/class parents keep track of volunteers.
      • To ensure that all current parents are familiar with all faculty/staff.
        • Publish a photo/name directory for each family.
        • Introduce personnel at fall parent events.
    • Student Community Goals:
      • To schedule more opportunities for "buddy/mentor" activities between divisions and encourage long-term interdivisional partnerships.
        • Build on the current program by developing a regular schedule of meetings beginning w/first week/month of school for buddies and culminating in May.
        • All school field day with buddies as partners for athletic activities.
      • To ensure that all students are familiar with all faculty/staff.
        • Introduce personnel at student assemblies.
    • Faculty/Staff Community Goals:
      • To develop casual gathering places for everyday use by faculty/staff.
        • Fitness Room
        • Add an afternoon “special food event”. weekly/monthly in faculty lounge to compliment bagel day.
      • To provide more opportunities for the full faculty to interact in an informal setting.
        • Survey faculty to determine interest in joining courses in photography, pottery, etc,
      • To increase opportunities for faculty/staff to formally communicate and exchange ideas.
        • Offer idea sharing forums by topic (ie. Curriculum diversity, buddy/mentor programs, etc.).
        • Visit other classes.
    • Alumni/Past Parent Community Goals:
      • To increase and sustain participation/support by alumni in social events and stewardship.
        • Use website to engage and sustain alums.
      • To develop programs targeted at engaging past parents.
        • Put in place a regular schedule of mailings/emails.
        • Include them in certain alumni/past faculty events.
  • Will earn the philanthropic support of all parents, alumni, faculty/administration/staff, past parents, and friends to provide a lasting legacy for generations to come.

    • Create an educational program for current parents to ensure that philanthropy for Pike is a shared community responsibility.
    • Evaluate stewardship programs and make necessary adjustments.
    • Strive for a Annual Fund parent participation rate of 100%.
    • Increase alumni giving to 25% over five years.
    • Develop new revenue streams for operating budget.
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