FLEX/Extended Day Programs


FLEX Day Program

The FLEX Day Program offers an extension of the regular school day (or an extension of the Extended Day program for Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten students). The purpose of our FLEX Day Program, which runs from 3:10 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., except on Wednesday, when it runs from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., is to provide a positive, low-key, environment for children in their afterschool hours. Art projects, board and card games, outdooor activities and sports, computer use, as well as daily nutritious snacks are included in the program. A quiet, supervised study hall is provided in the library for older students. Flex Day services Pike students from Pre-Kindergarten through Ninth Grade, Monday through Friday.

FLEX is also available on most early dismissal and faculty professional days.  Contracts are available from the receptionists. Students may be registered for one to five days on a yearlong basis. Single day “drop-in” is available if spaces are available.
    Time    Days per Week    Yearly Rate
    3:10-6:00 pm    1 (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday)    $1,800
    2:00-6:00 pm    1 (Wednesday)    $2,575
    3:10-6:00 pm    2    $3,200
    3:10-6:00 pm    3    $4,050
    3:10-6:00 pm    4    $4,800
    3:10-6:00 pm    5    $5,150
Drop-ins are available with 24-hours’ notice$45/day, $60 on Wednesday

Extended Day Program

Pike has an Extended Day Program daily for Pre-Kindergarten and on Tuesday and Thursday for Kindergarten students. The Program begins at 11:45 am and ends at 3:10 pm. The program is a warm, less structured time with the Pre-Kindergarten or Kindergarten teachers, including lunch, outdoor play, rest, read aloud, and a variety of activities such as games, creative projects, and nature walks.

Time    Days per Week    Yearly Rate
11:45-3:10 pm     1 Pre-Kindergarten (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or  Friday) or
    1 Kindergarten (Tuesday or Thursday)
11:45-2:00 pm    1 Pre-Kindergarten (Wednesday)    $1,325
11:45-3:10 pm    2 Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten (Tuesday and Thursday)    $2,800
11:45-3:10 pm    3 Pre-Kindergarten    $3,825
11:45-3:10 pm    4 Pre-Kindergarten    $5,050
11:45-3:10 pm    5 Pre-Kindergarten    $5,650
Drop-ins are available with 24-hours’ notice$60/day, $45 on Wednesday

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