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The Pike School
Andover, Massachusetts
An independent, coed, day school
for grades pre-kindergarten through nine

Middle School (3 - 5)


At each grade in the Middle School, anchor teachers and specialists work collaboratively to design curriculum focused on overarching questions that target key concepts and skills. In all grades students engage in learning that is both meaningful to their own lives and connected across subject areas. Through a wide range of topics, students build academic and social skills that require critical thinking and cooperation. 


A Day in the Life of Middle School

Take a peek into any Pike classroom, and delight in the creativity of lessons, intensity of discussions, depth of thought, interconnection of ideas, level of energy, and excitement of learning. Welcome to a day in the life of The Pike Middle School. 


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Grade 5 Robotics

The robotics unit as a whole is intended to incorporate some of the STEM initiatives into the fifth grade science curriculum. After building a robot (called "the taskbot") following specific building instructions, the children began to experiment with programing their robots.

The first activity was "The Lava Pit of Doom." The purpose of the activity was to help the children recognize that robots and other technology cannot "think" for themselves. They need to be told what to do with a certain level of specificity. Using only movement commands, the children had to program their taskbots to enter the arena through a gate, avoid one obstacle, and exit through another gate. The activity required that they plan, program, modify and assess the taskbots' movements. Once the challenge was completed, they had the opportunity to reprogram the taskbots so that they would circumnavigate the obstacle before exiting the arena.

From there, the children have been learning to incorporate sensors into their programs so that the taskbots can respond to their environment. So far they have used light sensor, pressure sensors and ultrasonic sensors in other challenges. The ultimate goal is for the students to build their own unique robot and program it to perform specific tasks or meet specific challenges.

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