We surround your child with positive energy.

At The Pike School, we believe every child has unlimited potential. That's why we provide unlimited possibilities – for thinking, creating, competing and unleashing curiosity.

Green Waves

It’s the secret to our students’ success.

I have been lucky to experience Pike as a student, a teacher, and also a parent. For me, Pike has always been a community that is welcoming, nurturing, and inspiring. It truly exudes positive energy that can be felt from all perspectives.Hilary Munroe, Pre-Kindergarten TeacherHilary Field, Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

The students at Pike are passionate, coachable, and hard working. I enjoy being able to coach them as they compete and represent Pike on the athletic field.Matt Medeiros, Athletics Director

Having taught in a variety of school settings, I can honestly say that Pike students stand out in their genuine curiosity and willingness to try new things. Every day they constantly remind me of the joy of learning.Mary Ann Mestre-Price, Lower and Middle School Spanish TeacherGeorge Philips, Upper School Music Teacher

As a teacher at Pike, I value the opportunity to explore a rich curriculum, from the science behind simple machines to the cultural traditions of México. Even more than that, I value the opportunity to create a community where I know the unique identities and passions of the children in my space. Teaching second grade isn't the most important thing I do — teaching children is.Julia Alexander, Grade 2 Teacher

I love that Pike is a community of readers where students and adults enjoy spending time with a good story. Books act as both windows and mirrors, offering us a view into a new world or reflecting our own world back to us. Pike readers read widely and are happy to share book recommendations.>Linda Spence, Upper School Teacher and School Librarian

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What Sets Us Apart


of our students identify as students of color


of our faculty hold at least one Master’s Degree


woodland acres including a 1.5 mile nature trail running along the campus


average years teachers have taught at Pike


communities in Massachusetts and New Hampshire


average amount of financial aid awarded this year


of our Upper School students play at least one sport


gallons of food waste composted by Pike each year

Green Waves

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