DRMT Dashboard

Faculty, staff, and students participating in our campus-based program are required to take part in Pike’s testing protocols. Data contained in this dashboard represent the results of those tests as well as testing that was conducted by off-campus testing facilities. Pike reports off-campus test results for our campus-based population.

Pike’s Daily Risk Mitigation Team analyzes data collected from MyMedBot, daily Pike attendance, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Department of Secondary and Elementary Education to inform leadership of critical health and safety information.

The DRMT’s other daily tasks include: 

  • Reconciling data from MyMedBot with student, faculty & staff attendance daily
  • Identifying “at-risk” members of the community and conducting outreach to those members to gather information and provide recommendations on next steps
  • Interpret DESE guidance in partnership with classroom teachers
  • Work in collaboration with the School Nurse for student, faculty and staff early dismissal due to COVID-like symptoms
  • Approve re-entry, including analysis of COVID-19 test results, for all community members
  • When appropriate, initiate and complete contact tracing

Student COVID-19 Test Results

In accordance with the policies set forth by the COVID-19 Task Force, upon notification of a positive COVID-19 test case, our Daily Risk Mitigation Team (DRMT) immediately initiates and completes contact tracing.

If you or your family member has been deemed a close contact with a COVID-19 positive community member, you already would have been contacted privately by the DRMT. 

On rare occasions, PCR tests are inconclusive for unknown reasons. An indeterminate result means that the test did not detect a clear positive or negative result. In these cases, often there is a problem with the sample collected, such as the individual's nose was too dry, or the individual's sample contained too much mucus or the sample did not provide enough DNA on the swab. It is also possible that a COVID-19 infection is present but the test was done too early to detect the virus. When we receive an indeterminate outcome, impacted community members are notified and must produce a negative result before returning to school. 

This is a weekly report and should circumstances change those impacted will be contacted immediately. Each week, we test all campus-based community members. Any students, faculty, or staff who miss their tests must produce a negative test result before returning to campus on Monday. 

Faculty/Staff COVID-19 Test Results