Envisioning Pike's Future

Our Mission:
A Pike education ignites a lifelong journey of discovery.

Imagine for a moment, your child’s journey to success. What does this journey look like in a rapidly changing world? 

At The Pike School, we are actively examining this question. Over the past year, through a distinctive process of exploration that included a community-wide survey, specialized learning teams, and a strategic design committee, we redefined our core values and developed a new Mission and Vision that will guide us in navigating and shaping a future in which our students will thrive.

We recognize the iterative nature of change and embrace it through a lens of opportunity and optimism. As our strategy unfolds in the coming years, we will continue to wonder what’s worth learning, and how we might enable this learning. It is with the continuous investigation of these questions that The Pike School strives to be an exemplar of transformational education and a center for purposeful learning, leadership, and impact.

Image of Pike's Strategic Plan priorities.



Portrait of a Pike Graduate
The Portrait of a Pike Graduate will identify the key attributes, competencies, and dispositions paramount for success as a Pike Alumni.

The portrait will stand as a guide for a lifelong journey of discovery starting at Pike and continuing through secondary school and beyond. Through an educational experience that illuminates our values of Authenticity, Intellectual Ambition, and Social Good every step of the way, Pike graduates will be positioned for possibility and will be prepared to lead with impact in a world that is increasingly complex.

Advancing Adults.

Advancing Adults
Advance adult learning by investing in opportunities for growth and discovery.

By focusing on adults as learners alongside our students, we will ensure our entire Pike community has opportunities to advance through experiences that align with our Mission, Vision, and Values. By centering the Portrait of a Pike Graduate in our daily practices, adults will be empowered to explore, collaborate, and create in an environment that fosters the continuous discovery of what’s worth learning.

Amplifying our Community Impact

Amplifying our Community Impact
Create meaningful opportunities for family engagement to amplify our community impact.

It is essential for our families to feel connected to our community as both contributors and learners, and to understand they are an integral part of what drives us. By providing a multitude of engagement opportunities, families will feel empowered to offer their unique talents in a way that brings synergy to our community, aligns with our values of Authenticity, Intellectual Ambition, and Social Good, and transcends our community’s needs.

Thriving Beyond Pike.

Thriving Beyond Pike
We will investigate and examine the rapid shifts in education to ensure an adaptive and responsive Secondary School process.

Our Secondary School process provides guidance for students, their families, and advisors, as they work together to create an individual path for success that matches each student’s unique talents and aligns with the key attributes, competencies, and dispositions defining the Portrait of a Pike Graduate. Through investigation of current educational trends, we will ensure our process communicates clear metrics for success and helps students understand how they will learn and where they will thrive. This process will prove its resilience and remain relevant as the educational landscape continues to shift and evolve.

Fueling the Future.

Fueling the Future
Fueling the future of Pike through proactive stewardship of our resources.

Through proactive stewardship of tuition, philanthropy, and facilities, Pike will continue to be a leader in dynamic resource planning as we prepare for a future that has yet to be determined. For nearly 100 years, The Pike School has thrived in and adapted to an environment that is constantly changing. We commit to continuing responsible stewardship of these resources, while also thinking innovatively on ways that will strengthen our financial position and ensure ongoing fuel for our impact today, tomorrow, and well into the future.

Future Priorities:

Future priorities for Pike.
Students holding a class outdoors.

Our Vision

The Pike School strives to be an exemplar for transformational education and a center for purposeful learning, leadership, and impact.

Our Values

A Pike education liberates human potential and possibility to transform ourselves and our world and is rooted in our motto, Non Sibi Solum. We value:

  • Authenticity: We embrace the identities of every person.
  • Intellectual Ambition: We foster curiosity, inquiry, engagement, and initiative in learning.
  • Social Good: We care for ourselves, for one another, and for our community.