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If you have any questions or comments for the Search Committee, please reach out to us at search@pikeschool.org.

Head of School Position Description


Who is leading the search process?

The selection of the Head of School is the single most important duty of the Board of Trustees, which is already organized and prepared to find an inspiring, extraordinary leader. As is customary in independent schools, the Board has seated a Head of School Search Committee to take responsibility to lead a search process. The search committee is comprised of diverse members representing Pike’s community including current parents and parents of alumni, trustees, members of the faculty and administration, alumni.

The Search Committee is working with two experienced search consultants, Bob Fricker and Peter Philip of Carney, Sandoe & Associates, to construct a process that is thorough, inclusive and thoughtful, and expects this process to result in an exceptionally strong appointment.  The Search Committee intends to engage the school community and its several constituencies in a meaningful way so as to support the recruitment of excellent candidates.

About the Search Committee
The Search Committee is made up of Trustees, as well as members of the faculty and administration, and includes alumni, current parents, and parents of alumni.  The following are the members of the committee:

Tasneem Dohadwala '96 P'20 '23, Co-Chair of Search Committee, Vice Chair of Board of Trustees
Claudia Bach, Co-Chair of Search Committee, Trustee
Edmund Aziabor, P'18 '18 '22, Trustee
Elizabeth Cieri, '05, Trustee
Monique Johnson, P'20 '22, Trustee
Meerie Joung, P'17 '20, Chair of Board of Trustees
Becky Miller, Upper School Math Teacher
Mark Nichols '78, P'20 '21, Trustee
Leonard Pierce P'19, Trustee
William Powers, Director of Finance & Operations
Ed Santella, P'20 '22, Middle School Teacher
Carolyn Tobey, Lower School Teacher

About the Search Firm
Recognizing that selecting our next leader is a critical milestone for the School, the Board has engaged Carney, Sandoe & Associates (CS&A), a leading national search firm, to serve as consultants to the Search Committee throughout the process. (CS&A) is an educational recruiting and consulting firm founded in 1977 with the primary mission of helping K-12 non-profit, independent, charter and like-kind (non-public) schools worldwide recruit and hire highly qualified teachers and administrators. CS&A is nationally recognized as a leader for their work, and Pike has retained CS&A to hire a number of faculty members and administrators in the past.

Our search consultants are:
Bob Fricker
Bob serves as the Practice Group Leader for Domestic Head of Schools at CS&A. He has previously held many roles at various independent schools, including having served as the Head of School at the Independent Day School (pre-k-8) in Meriden CT. Read Bob's biography here.
Peter Philip
Peter serves as a Senior Consultant at CS&A. He has previously held many roles in independent schools including having served as Head of School at Tower School in Marblehead MA. Read Peter's biography here.

How will the Pike community be kept informed about this search?

In addition to direct communications with the Pike community, the Search Committee will provide ongoing updates on this page.  If you have not received any electronic communication, please reach out to search@pikeschool.org.

How will the community be involved in the process?

The Search Committee is committed to an inclusive and thorough process, and intends to engage all of the School's constituencies. The first opportunity to participate in the process is an upcoming site visit on Tuesday, February 19 and Wednesday, February 20. There will be small and large group opportunities for faculty and staff, administrators, current parents, alumni, parents of alumni and other friends of the school to participate. Please watch for further details. There also will be a survey coming to you after the February visit for you to provide additional input.

Why are some aspects of the search process confidential?

Candidates initially are promised complete confidentiality.  In order to recruit the very best candidates from anywhere in the world, our consultants need to be able to assure all candidates that their candidacy will remain confidential as long as possible, typically until the candidate pool is narrowed down to finalists.

May I recommend a candidate?

Yes, please share the name with either of our consultants, Peter Philip and Bob Fricker of Carney Sandoe, or the co-chairs of the Search Committee, Claudia Bach and Tasneem Dohadwala. All names will be shared with the consultants who will be managing the process for those interested in the position.

What is the role of the Board of Trustees?

The Board of Trustees has a set of defined responsibilities that includes but is not limited to setting the mission and strategic goals of the School and general educational policies. The Board is responsible for selecting and hiring Pike's next Head of School. To facilitate the search process, the Board has created a Search Committee that will ultimately recommend a Head of School candidate to the Board.

What happens after a new Head of School is hired?

Once a new Head of School is confirmed and announced, a Transition Committee will be formed to help the Head-Elect transition successfully into the school community.  While the head of school may change, the school’s mission and core values remain unchanged. The Pike community can look forward to helping the new Head of School in exciting and positive ways.

Whom do I contact if I have questions or comments?

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