Welcome from the Head of School

Headshot of Pike's Head of School Ashley Marshall.

Welcome to Pike! Pike is a place of possibility. No matter the future facing us, we believe in our students’ ability to lead us through it. We are a community where we teach and learn with curiosity, intention, and hope. Now and always, we believe in the individual promise of our students and the strength of our community.

Since our founding in 1926, Pike continues to be a true learning community where every child is known, understood, and developed. Our founder, Cynthia Pike, began Pike with six students in her home - passionate, committed, and optimistic about her young charges. Today, we continue to embody her ethos in our small classes where teaching is designed and adapted based on students’ specific needs; where there is a network of teachers, advisors, and coaches present to support and stretch each child; where there are endless opportunities for children to make new friends and discover new interests.

I invite you to learn more about Pike, our community, and how we plan to keep your child safe and challenged. Discover more about Pike.

With gratitude,

Ashley Marshall
Head of School

Administrative Council

Uzma Bogwani

Uzma Bogwani

Titles: Director of Academics
Marybeth Heyd

Marybeth Heyd

Titles: Head of Lower School
Aaron Hovel

Aaron Hovel

Titles: Director of Technology
Gina Moran

Gina Moran

Titles: Interim Head of Upper School
Will Powers

Will Powers

Titles: Director of Finance & Operations

2023 - 2024 Board of Trustees

Claudia Bach 
Sal Bellia '94  P'27 '29 '31
Elizabeth Cieri '05
Heather Clark P'11 '14 '19, Vice Chair
Roberta Crump-Burbank P'07
Tasneem Dahod Dohadwala '96 P'20 '23, Chair
Pauline Jeong P'25, '27
Monique Johnson P'20 '22, Secretary
John Kole '81 P '29, '29
Megan Kristiansen P'19 '21
Annie Miller P'30
Matt Murphy P'21, '23
Mark Nichols '78 P'20 '21, Treasurer
Ahmet Ozalp P'27
Chris Peabody P'21 '22
Varsha Rao P'18, '21, '27
Christine Reich P'27
Carrie Smotrich '78 P'17 '22
Will Song P'17 '22
Mengmeng Wang P'19 '24
Emma Wu P'13 '17
John Yang P' 23, '29, '31

Trustees Emeriti
Lucy Abisalih P'03 '05
Gary Campbell '69 P '02 '05 '09
Shamim Dahod P'96 '05, GP '20 '23
Timothy Horne '51 P'75 '95, GP '25 '28 '30

Honorary Trustee Emeriti
John Waters P'98 '00 '04, GP '28 '31