Mission & Vision

The Pike School seeks to develop within its community a lifelong love of learning, respect for others, the joy of physical activity, and a creative spirit. A Pike education is a journey that prepares students to be independent learners and responsible citizens.

The Pike School will:

  • Provide a supportive environment where the whole child is valued and has opportunities for success and challenge as a scholar, citizen, artist and athlete.
    • Each student at Pike will be well known by many adults in the community.
    • At Pike every student will have an age-appropriate understanding of his or her own learning profile in order to be a better learner.
    • At Pike students will be encouraged to develop and use their own voices to be effective self-advocates and contributors to the community.
    • Pike will create an environment where students feel safe to explore outside their own comfort zone, understanding that growth comes from reaching beyond what they believe is possible.
  • Continually improve a curriculum that focuses on the whole child and imparts the tools needed to succeed in an ever-changing world.
  • Attract, develop and retain a faculty and staff who are inspired by and committed to The Pike School's mission and use assessment of student learning to improve instruction.
  • Embrace and sustain an increasingly diverse community, where diversity in all its forms is cherished and celebrated.
  • Provide a vibrant, supportive and inclusive environment for all members of the Pike community.
  • Earn the philanthropic support of all parents, alumni, faculty/administration/staff, past parents, and friends to provide a lasting legacy for generations to come.

We believe:

  • the potential within each of us deserves to be recognized and nurtured.
  • children develop best when there is an active and willing partnership between school and family.
  • that adults are important role models, guides, and mentors for children.
  • the connections among teachers and students are most effective in small group settings.
  • our curriculum teaches skills and strategies that foster the acquisition of knowledge, critical thinking, and creative problem solving.
  • that an enriching, challenging, and supportive environment is necessary for personal development.
  • that by recognizing, respecting, sharing, and appreciating our similarities and differences, we grow and flourish.
  • that for children to become responsible global citizens, we must teach sound environmental stewardship of our earth and its resources.
  • in fostering lifelong social, emotional, mental, and physical aspects of wellness through comprehensive programming to support the needs of the Pike community.

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