Portrait of a Pike Graduate

The Portrait of a Graduate stands as a guide for a lifelong journey of discovery starting at Pike and continuing through secondary school and beyond. By creating a shared understanding of the key attributes, competencies, and dispositions unique to Pike Graduates, it provides a foundation for students to build upon as they navigate a rapidly changing world.

Through an educational experience that illuminates our values of Authenticity, Intellectual Ambition, and Social Good every step of the way, Pike Graduates will be positioned for possibility and will be prepared to lead with impact in a world that is increasingly complex.

Trusted friend.


  • Grounded in a genuine sense of self
  • Sees strength in difference
  • Acts with kindness and compassion

Curious Learner


  • Creates playfully and purposefully 
  • Makes meaning even as they make mistakes
  • Transforms curiosity into understanding

Optimistic Innovator


  • Imagines possibilities and takes bold risks
  • Perseveres through challenges
  • Embraces creative problem-solving

Agile collaborator.


  • Fosters connections
  • Listens openly and actively 
  • Knows when to step up and when to step back

Courageous Advocate.


  • Centers integrity in decision-making
  • Lives Non Sibi Solum, not for oneself alone
  • Turns empathy into action

Portrait of a Graduate Committee Members

We would like to express our gratitude to the exceptional members of Pike's faculty and staff who served on the Portrait of a Graduate committee:

  • Nicole Biondo, Grade 2 Teacher
  • Uzma Bogwani, Director of Academics
  • Betsy Devries, Upper School History and Grade 6 Advisor
  • Marybeth Heyd, Head of Lower School, P'22, '28
  • Aaron Hovel, Director of Technology
  • Alyse Faiella, Admission Coordinator
  • Lauren Nigro, Lower School Reading Specialist
  • Donna Richards, Events Manager/Advancement Data Coordinator, P'29, '32
  • Toby Spector, Upper School Math and Grade 8 Advisor, P'31, '33
  • Elisabeth Venetiou, Upper School Speech and Debate and Grade 7 Team Leader, P'19, '22
  • Emeric Viani, Lower School and Grade 5 Music Teacher