Upper School Home-Based Learning Plan

Our Campus is Closed.
Our Learning Community Continues.

Dear Upper School Families,

On March 25th, we will begin our Home-Based Learning program in the Upper School.  Below you will find information about our goals of the program, some ways families can help, expectations for students, advisors and teachers, as well as some answers to questions you may have about this new structure of learning and what that means for your child.

Defining the Home-Based Learning Program in the Upper School
Upper School students are more capable of working independently than our Lower and Middle students.  However, we recognize that some students in the Upper School may need more support with on task behavior than others. It is recommended that families stay in regular contact with their child’s advisor about how their child is experiencing Home-Based Learning so that the advisor, teachers and families can work together to find ways to support their child’s needs during our school closure.

We will focus on the following goals for Home-Based Learning in the Upper School.  

  • Maintaining connection and a sense of community with our students and faculty
  • Continuing to provide skill building activities in each subject area
  • Providing our students with a sense of structure, purpose and well-being 

Beginning on Wednesday, March 25th, teachers will begin posting asynchronous assignments for students to complete on Google Classroom.  We will start with simple assignments and then after feedback from teachers and families, make adjustments in the week to follow to best meet our students’ needs and abilities to work remotely.  Our hope is that we can eventually begin some synchronous touchpoints with our students as well after our initial roll out on March 25th, 26th and 27th.

We begin this new way of connecting with our students and families with empathy, compassion and a flexible mindset. We understand that our families and our teachers are facing their own unique challenges during this time, and we may not all be able to engage at the same level in this work together.  Please know that we will be as flexible and understanding as possible during this time.  While we hope to continue inspiring our students to learn, we know that taking care of your family’s mental and physical health is and should be your top priority.  

You are all in my thoughts during this challenging time.

Some Questions You May Have About Home-Based Learning

Headshot of Head of Upper School Trisha Gordon.

Our Head of Upper School Trisha Gordon can be contacted at tgordon@pikeschool.org.