Learning Services

The Learning Services faculty supports the entire Pike Community.

A learning specialist is present at each grade level meeting to monitor student performance and to provide teachers with strategies to support students who may not be progressing as expected in the classroom.  In addition, learning specialists work individually with teachers, advisors and families when additional interventions and/or assessments may be necessary.

If a student is referred for Learning Services, the teaching team will work with the family to determine what type of program will best meet the needs of the child.  Learning specialists may work with a student inside the classroom and/or outside the classroom. Typically, a student works with a learning specialist two to five times per week.  Parents pay additional fees for these individual support services.  

Our Vision

  • Promote the development of students who embrace their individual learning styles
  • Empower students with a respect for self
  • To be a valuable resource to all teachers, students, and families in our community

Our Mission

  • Help students identify their unique learning styles
  • Develop skills and strategies for students to maximize their potential