Student Support

Pike’s Student Support Team (SST) exists to empower students of a variety of learning profiles to grow into more independent, self-actualized, and socially healthy learners. This is achieved through both consultation with other professionals and direct work with students across various tiers of support.

The team is led by Gina Moran, Director of Student Support, and includes:

  • Upper and Lower School Counselors 
  • Upper and Lower School Learning Specialists
  • Lower School Reading Specialist
  • Lower School Literacy & Writing Coach
  • Upper School Math Coach

The Director of Student Support works with the Director of Academics, Division Heads, faculty, staff, and parents/guardians to provide consultation regarding students’ academic, social, and emotional needs. This may include instructional strategies, academic interventions, emotional and behavioral supports, assessment, and increased understanding of student learning profiles. SST faculty also teach reading groups in the Lower School and Study Skills in the Upper School. 

Pike offers a fee-free, structured “Student Support Sessions” program for individual students in 1:1 and small group settings with a Learning Specialist. Students are referred to the program by their teaching team.

The Director of Student Support, along with Learning Specialists and Counselors serving as case managers, oversees evaluations and appropriate accommodations for students with documented needs.

Photo of Director of Student Services Gina Moran.

If you have any questions, please email Director of Student Support Gina Moran at