Lower School

Pre-K through Grade 4

Positive energy in action.

It starts with cultivating an intense excitement around learning. As one parent said recently, "Learning is fun for our kids. They come home talking about school. Their eyes light up!" The Lower School curriculum is rooted in activities that develop essential skills while fostering confidence and creativity, from building big block creations to exploring nature in Pre-K, sharing Kindergarten artwork with friends around the world, preparing an Author's Tea in First Grade, undertaking a massive Animal Research Project in Second Grade science, developing a product for the Third Grade Invention Convention and birdwatching as part of a Fourth Grade science unit.

All Lower School students attend art, music, library, Spanish and physical education classes. These courses not only greatly enrich the learning experience, but also build on core academic themes, providing a concrete – and hands-on – method of exploring the subject matter. The Lower School is about enjoying the journey – every experience is designed to instill genuine wonder. These are the years to learn to love learning!