Middle School

In Middle School, the curriculum adds complexity, without losing any of the immediacy of the lower grades. Here, everything that has been introduced to students in the Lower School starts to come together – in profound and personal ways.

In third grade students deepen their ability to read critically.  Their reading comes to life in the Biography unit where students devour many biographies until they land on a person who truly inspires them. They read and research even more to create a speech from the perspective of that person. Resulting in an assembly where students dress the part and hone their public speaking skills as they present to families. Third graders also immerse themselves in the study of trout and water quality. Testing the water in our stream and raising and releasing trout adds hands on excitement and practical experience.  

In fourth grade, students can be sighted on our nature trail with binoculars and clipboards.  They are looking, listening and recording our local bird populations. They also learn about how they can impact change in their community, and take a deep dive into Ancient Greek history, as they begin to study how societies form and govern. Students become experts on the subject, put their collaboration skills to the test on relevant projects and continue to develop their public speaking skills.

As the oldest students in the Middle School, fifth graders take on great responsibility.  In their forensics unit they work hard to develop the skills necessary to solve a mystery. They take a deep dive into reading and writing across the curriculum. Researching, note taking, independence, collaboration and effectively communicating are skills that come together to round out the Middle School academic experience.

The music art and physical education are a major part of the middle schoolers day. These are critical years of development and we believe that being in a challenging yet supportive and positive environment is key to overall development.

Positivity radiates from each classroom in our Middle School. Students continue to grow as learners, the curriculum increases in complexity and our teachers support the astounding personal and academic growth that occurs in third, fourth, and fifth grade.Marybeth Heyd, Head of Lower & Middle School

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Middle School Clubs
Once a rotation, Middle School students participate in school clubs designed by faculty and staff. These 40-minute periods allow for community building interactions between students and for teachers to creatively share their interests.

A sample of this year's clubs:

  • Makerspace
  • Math Olympiad
  • Watercoloring
  • Crazy 8s Math Club
  • Gardening
  • Meditation
  • Minecraft
  • Technology
  • Book Squad