The Technology Department helps faculty, staff, and students use Pike's computers for powerful learning and teaching. We also manage operations for the school's computers, network, and telephone systems.
At Pike, we aim to use technology judiciously. In a successful technology program, students, teachers, administrators, and parents have:

  • an understanding of information technology and its role as a teaching and learning tool
  • the confidence and enthusiasm to try (or even invent) new technology-rich activities
  • the ability to learn the new skills which these activities require
  • the wisdom to reject technology that does not serve them or the mission of the school.

We believe that a successful technology program is measured not so much by which technologies you use or by your frequency of using them but rather by what you choose to do with technology and how you use it. In a successful program, technology makes possible learning achievements, teacher effectiveness, administrative acuity, and connections with families that would not otherwise be possible. Used well, technology serves the core values of our community—its curricular, pedagogical, and procedural goals.