1-to-1 iPad Program

All students in grades 6-9 are required to own an iPad to use in the classroom, to collaborate with students and teachers, conduct research, and complete homework assignments. It will be an integral part of each student's work each day.

Why 1-to-1?
Pike students live in an increasingly interconnected and information-rich world. Our children will have to be skilled collaborators, able to combine multiple disciplines and incorporate new disciplines into their repertoire throughout their lives. They will need to demonstrate creativity and innovation, as well as critical thinking when solving problems and making decisions. Technology-rich classrooms tend to encourage collaboration, inclusion, participation, and exploration. We want to cultivate 21st century students. While using the iPads at Pike, students will focus on the following 21st century skills:

Curation - develop skills that will help evaluate and organize vast amounts of information, so they can retrieve it later.
Creation - design and share information for global communities.
Collaboration - build relationships with others to pose and solve problems collaboratively and cross-culturally.
Communication - facilitate creative expression of knowledge and understanding through a variety of media.

iPad FAQs

What is the iPad program?

The iPad program began in September of 2013. Every student in Grades 6-9 is required to own an iPad to use in the classroom, to collaborate with students and teachers, conduct research, and complete homework assignments. It is an integral part of each student's work each day.

Why did pike choose the ipad?

The iPad is the leading tablet in the industry and a popular choice in many schools. The iPad’s instant-on capability, durability, battery life, and ease of use make it a great choice for mobile students.

will pike provide the ipad?

No, families are responsible for purchasing the iPad. Please make sure to check the minimum requirements before purchasing.

What are the minimum requirements?

 19-20 School Year

iPad Minimum Requirements:

  • iPad Air 2 or newer
  • 32GB
  • iPad Mini does not meet requirements

iPad Recommended Requirements:

  • iPad 9.7inch (2018)
  • 128GB

The iPad Mini does not meet our minimum requirements. 

Is there tech support for my child's ipad?

Yes, Pike will provide basic troubleshooting, as well as training on how to use the iPad efficiently. Families will be responsible for troubleshooting and repairs beyond basics.

Will i need a cover?

We strongly recommend that families purchase a cover. A cover will help protect the iPad in case of an accident, as well as support the iPad in different positions when doing work.

Will i need a bluetooth keyboard?

This a personal preference. Some students, especially those who are touch typists, may find a keyboard useful. Others will be comfortable using the on-screen keyboard.

is there anything else i will need to purchase with the ipad?

Yes, you will need headphones with a mic. These headphones will be used extensively in Modern Language class as well as other classes for creating videos and making podcasts.

Who is responsible for the ipad if it breaks?

Families are responsible for accidental damage and technical support. We recommend that families purchase insurance for the iPad that includes accidental damage. Apple, as well as other companies, offer an extended warranty. Click here for more information on Apple’s extended warranty.

Should i get insurance for the ipad?

Pike recommends that families purchase insurance that includes accidental coverage. There are many options for insurance. Some include theft and some do not. Be sure to understand the coverage agreement before you sign up.

what apps will my ipad need?

There will be a standard set of apps that all students will need for learning at Pike. We will post this list in August.

will i need to purchase additional apps throughout the year?

App purchases will be the responsibility of the family. A list of required apps will be provided in August. Additional apps may be required throughout the year.

will there be digital textbooks?

Not all of the publishers provide digital texts. Students will be given information about downloading text books during the first few days of school.

will i need internet access at home?

Wireless Internet access will be very helpful for students. They will need access to the Internet in order to complete assignments and access online information. We recommend families have Internet access. If this is not possible, libraries and cafes do provide free Internet access.

can i give my ipad to my child for the ipad program?

As long as the iPads meet the minimum requirements. See the minimum requirements question on this page.

how much space will my student need on the ipad?

Students will need space on their iPad in order to store school work and school-related apps. If students choose to put non-school-related information (pictures, music, movies) on their iPad, they will need to make sure there is enough space for the school-related apps and files.

why was the ipad chosen rather than a laptop?

  • The biggest advantages of the iPad are that it is an internet-connected mobile device with a touch-screen and camera/video camera.
  • Students are mobile--moving from class to class--and the iPad is light and easy to transport, yet it can connect to the internet, create documents, take and edit pictures, annotate pdfs, make and edit movies, and perform as an eReader.
  • Students can read books, take notes, highlight text and bookmark pages, search a book, have a section read to them aloud, and have a word instantly defined.
  • iPad is instant-on (laptop takes 3 minutes), which makes the transition from tech-on to tech-off activities seamless.
  • iPad battery power lasts an entire school day.
  •  iPad is easy to learn and use.

what can the ipad do beyond watch movies and play games?

Here are just a few specific examples.

In all Classes

  • Screencast - students can create screencasts to show what they know. They can make Khan Academy-style videos quickly and easily to show their understanding of content.
  • Likewise, students can create these types of videos to teach others.
  • Skype - allows students to interview experts from around the world.

Music Class

  • Students use Garage Band to create and edit music.

Math Class

  • TI-Nspire - The app, combined with touch features, is very powerful.

Science Class

  • Students can take pictures of experiment results to keep track over time and include in lab reports.
  • Vernier Graphical Analysis app allows students to wirelessly view and record data from lab probes. Data can then be analyzed and used in lab write-ups or shared with other classmates at Pike or other students around the world.

English Class

  • The SubText app allows students to read a class book and make comments and respond to each other as they read the book.

why pike chose to implement a 1-to-1 ipad program?

  • The iPad supports student-centered learning by giving students a powerful tool to collaborate, communicate, search for information, and evaluate information.
  • We want students to become independent learners. The iPad is a tool that will allow them to search out information and begin to learn how to learn and also relearn information.
  • We want to teach students to communicate with a global audience and to get and give feedback on their work from a global community.
  • The National Council of Teachers of English recommends that 21st century readers and writers need to:
    • develop proficiency with the tools of technology.
    • build relationships with others to pose and solve problems collaboratively and cross-culturally.
    • design and share information for global communities to meet a variety of purposes.
    • manage, analyze, and synthesize multiple streams of simultaneous information.
    • create, critique, analyze, and evaluate multimedia text.
    • attend to the ethical responsibilities required by these complex environments. 

Why the iPad?

  • The iPad puts the learning directly in the hands of the students
  • The iPad is easy to use
  • Students will have access to the wealth of content on the internet
  • The iPad supports many different learning styles
  • The camera, video camera, and audio capabilities allow students to show what they have learned in a variety of ways