1-to-1 iPad Program

All students in grades 6-9 are required to own an iPad to use in the classroom, to collaborate with students and teachers, conduct research, and complete homework assignments. It will be an integral part of each student's work each day.

Why 1-to-1?
Pike students live in an increasingly interconnected and information-rich world. Our children will have to be skilled collaborators, able to combine multiple disciplines and incorporate new disciplines into their repertoire throughout their lives. They will need to demonstrate creativity and innovation, as well as critical thinking when solving problems and making decisions. Technology-rich classrooms tend to encourage collaboration, inclusion, participation, and exploration. We want to cultivate 21st century students. While using the iPads at Pike, students will focus on the following 21st century skills:

Curation - develop skills that will help evaluate and organize vast amounts of information, so they can retrieve it later.
Creation - design and share information for global communities.
Collaboration - build relationships with others to pose and solve problems collaboratively and cross-culturally.
Communication - facilitate creative expression of knowledge and understanding through a variety of media.

iPad FAQs

Why the iPad?

  • The iPad puts the learning directly in the hands of the students
  • The iPad is easy to use
  • Students will have access to the wealth of content on the internet
  • The iPad supports many different learning styles
  • The camera, video camera, and audio capabilities allow students to show what they have learned in a variety of ways