Upper School iPad Apps

19-20 Upper School Apps will be published in August 2019

18-19 Upper School Apps Below

App Name Subject Grade Description Cost
Adobe Reader  All Subjects  6-9  PDF Viewer  Free
Book Creator for iPad  All Subjects  6-9  Book making  $4.99
Desmos  Math  7-9  Math and graphing  Free
Duolingo  World  Languages  6-8  Online language learning  Free
eBackpack  All Subjects  6-9  Homework  Free
Explain Everything Whiteboard  All Subjects  6-9  Presentation tool, screen recording, and photo editing  $9.99
Flipgrid  All Subjects  6-9  Video reflection tool  Free
GarageBand  Music  6-9  Music arranger/creator  $4.99
Google Chrome  All Subjects  6-9  Web browser  Free
Google Drive  All Subjects  6-9  Google Drive  Free
Google Docs  All Subjects  6-9   Google Docs  Free
Google Sheets  All Subjects  6-9  Google Sheets  Free
Google Slides  All Subjects  6-9  Google Slides  Free
iMovie  All Subjects  6-9  Movie making  Free
Kahoot  English  6-9  Quiz App  Free
Notability All Subjects  6-9  Note taking and document annotation  $7.99
Oxford Dictionary of English  English  6   Dictionary  Free
Padlet  English  6-8  Digital canvas app  Free
Pic Stitch  All Subjects  6  Photo collage  Free
Popplet Lite  Science  6  Brainstorming  Free
Puffin Pro  Math and World Languages  6  Web browser-will be used for online book  $3.99
Schoology  World Languages  6-8  Modern language textbook  Free
Seesaw  All Subjects  6-9  Portfolio app  Free
Socrative  (Student)  All Subjects  6-9  Interactive test/assessment tool  Free
ThingLink  History  6  Make images come alive  Free
Word  Reference  World languages  6-9  Online dictionary  Free