Upper School

Grades 5-9

Balancing core capabilities with self-directed learning.

What may be referred to as Middle School in public institutions, we call Upper School at Pike.

In Upper School, every effort is made to balance academic rigor with creative exploration. What makes a Pike education unlike any other is the depth and breadth of those academic and creative opportunities. From studying Latin and firing up the pottery kiln, to arranging an original piece of music, the Upper School experience is about balancing core capabilities with self-directed learning.

Did you know that Pike has a robust Secondary School Advising program beginning in fifth grade? Learn more.

Graduating Class of 2023.

Our 2023 Graduates are Matriculating to:

  • Andover High School

  • Boston University Academy

  • Brentwood School (UK)

  • Brooks School

  • Burlington High School

  • Commonwealth School

  • Derryfield School

  • Governor's Academy

  • Groton School

  • Kimball Union Academy

  • Landmark School

  • Lawrence Academy

  • Lawrence High School

  • Middlesex School

  • North Andover High School

  • Phillips Academy- Andover

  • Phillips Academy- Exeter

  • Pingree School

  • St. John's Preparatory School

  • The Winsor School

  • Waring School

  • Windermere Preparatory School

“Upper School is a time of tremendous growth for our students. Our students are surrounded by teachers who care and understand that each student is on their own unique journey to becoming an independent learner. ”Gina Moran, Interim Head of Upper School