Meet Our Alumni

Andrés Burbank-Crump ’07

Assistant Program Director at SquashBusters

Pike was fundamental in establishing the importance of relationships in education, both student-to-student and student-to-teacher. There is tremendous value in establishing a sense of community within a learning environment. Andrés Burbank-Crump

Alyson Gerber '98


The education I received at Pike was amazing!Alyson Gerber

Max McGillvray '08


I still consider Pike to be the most vital educational experience of my life. Max McGillvray

Moorea Colby '10

Student and Social Work Intern

Pike gave me an incredible educational background; in particular, I felt incredibly prepared by the English, history, and foreign language programs. Moorea Colby

Frank Cai '14


The most significant skill Pike taught me was the ability to look at a problem differently. Frank Cai

Sarah Wooten '00

Associate Director of Admission

At Pike, I had the chance to see what I was good at and take it as far as I could go with it. Sarah Wooten