Meet Our Alumni

Andrés Burbank-Crump ’07

Head of Planning and Innovation at SquashBusters


“Pike was fundamental in establishing the importance of relationships in education, both student-to-student and student-to-teacher. There is tremendous value in establishing a sense of community within a learning environment. ”Andrés Burbank-Crump '07

Alyson Gerber '98


“The education I received at Pike was amazing!”Alyson Gerber '98

Max McGillvray '08


“I still consider Pike to be the most vital educational experience of my life. ”Max McGillvray '08

Moorea Colby '10

Student and Social Work Intern

“Pike gave me an incredible educational background; in particular, I felt incredibly prepared by the English, history, and world language programs.” Moorea Colby '10

Frank Cai '14

Software Engineer at Google

“The most significant skill Pike taught me was the ability to look at a problem differently. ”Frank Cai '14

Sarah Wooten '00

Director of Admission and Financial Aid

“At Pike, I had the chance to see what I was good at and take it as far as I could go with it. ”Sarah Wooten '00