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The Pike Speech Team Spring Fling Tournament Results
The Pike Speech Team Spring Fling Tournament Results

On Saturday, April 7th, 28 Pike Speech Team students competed in the Spring Fling Tournament in Newton, MA. 13 schools competed in this tournament with a total of 358 student entries. Pike students competed in the regular speech tournament events and embraced the fling events of Impromptu Sales, Team Improv, Original Literature and Tongue Twister Races.

The day was a success in large part due to the hard work of our esteemed parent judges, dedicated ninth grade judge Max Fan and tech savvy Mr. Henning.

More than half of the Pike Speech Team students placed in the top eight or earned an honorable mention including eighth grader Emilia Sanz-Rios who won first place in both Free Verse/Poetry and Prose. Congratulations to all Pike speech team students who represented the school so well. Go Pike!


Children's LiteratureLakshmi Bogelli
Children's LiteratureNick Parker
DeclamationPatrick Chen
DeclamationMaya Clemente, 6th place
DeclamationCaleb Gerakaris, 8th place
DeclamationMax Glick
DeclamationRehan Kumble
DeclamationAngel Guo
DeclamationArnav Bhakta
DemonstrationAnthony Kim, 8th place
DemonstraionJulia Sanz-Rios, 4th place
DuoMaya Clemente and Preston Wong
Free Verse/PoetryEmilia Sanz-Rios, 1st place
Free Verse/ PoetrySiya Saddi, 5th place
Impromptu SalesArnav Bhakta
Impromptu SalesKenan Cakir
Impromptu SalesMax Glick
Impromptu SalesJohn Moran
Impromptu SalesAri Andriola
Impromptu SpeakingArnav Bhakta, 2nd place
Impromptu SpeakingKenan Cakir
Impromptu SpeakingEthan Lai
Impromptu SpeakingPreston Wong
Impromptu SpeakingNeel Metlapalli
Impromptu SpeakingAri Andriola, 3rd place
Original Literature
Zachary Rabold
Original OratoryAyur Vallecha, Honorable Mention
Original OratoryJohn Moran, 8th place
ProseRehan Kumble
ProseKatherine Lee
ProseScarlett Ruan, Honorable Mention
ProseEmilia Sanz-Rios, 1st place
ProseAshley Xu, 8th place
StorytellingZachary Rabold, 6th place
StorytellingGerman Sanz-Rios, 5th place
StorytellingAlexander Lho
StorytellingRebecca Yang
Team ImprovMaya Clemente and Preston Wong
Team ImprovPatrick Chen and Anthony Kim
Team ImprovCaleb Gerakaris and Ayur Vallecha
Tongue Twister RacesEthan Lai

Bold = novice

Italics = in final round, placed in top 8