Pike's Endowment

A powerful engine. That’s one way to describe Pike’s $11M endowment.
But what’s an endowment?  Think of it as a savings account.  The money is invested wisely, and the school only spends out of the earnings of those investments.   That means the corpus of the endowment is there for the school. 
All that horsepower translates into the flexibility and the assurance to meet emerging opportunities and minimize our reliance on tuition.  And that’s a great formula for the future.

Get a glimpse of our current endowment and help our endowment grow by using the links to the right.

Pike is in a strong position to meet emerging needs and future trends, thanks in large measure to a solid foundation. We’re actively investing in our endowment and we’re keeping our facilities in shape. This is great news, especially as independent elementary schools across the country struggle to remain viable.Will Powers, Director of Finance and Operations