The Pike Fund

Where will you invest?

Giving a gift with impact - we know it’s important to you. Through The Pike Fund, you have the power to direct your gift to the areas of the school you value most. That means clearer outcomes, stronger connections, and happier giving for you. For our students, it means more joy, more exploration, more learning.
The Pike Fund provides crucial support for learning and teaching at Pike. When you invest, our students benefit. Our teachers benefit. Directly.
Give today to one of the areas below, and see how your gift grows goodness.

Where Pike Needs it Most

The Arts


Professional Growth

Financial Aid

Health & Wellness


Diversity & Inclusion

Gifts to The Pike Fund impact our operating budget, the money we spend every year to make Pike exceptional. In fact, everything we love about the Pike experience, what makes us distinctive and transformative, exists because of
The Pike Fund.

Len P., Trustee, P '17