Diversity & Inclusion

Next Stop:  Complex World

Our students are ready for a complex world.  That’s because Pike teachers help each child learn to understand themselves: as learners, as community members, and as individuals.  That insight, and the recognition that everyone else is also an individual, makes for confident, connected, and compassionate adults.

But it’s not just students.  We want everyone in our community to engage their best selves.  Our teachers, staff, administrators, and trustees work hard to make Pike an inclusive and welcoming place where everyone can be themselves.

Your gift equips our community to explore the skills and experiences that lead to success in a world — and school — that is increasingly multi-faceted.

We’ve seen the impact of teaching our students and teachers to be more connected to their EQ, not just their IQ.  Emotional intelligence is a hard skill, it’s teachable, and when individuals get connected to that part of their brains, they do some really amazing things.  Michael Eatman, Director of Community Life

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Diversity & Inclusion