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A Healthy Leg Up

Happy, healthy, and emotionally-nurtured children learn best. That’s why Pike teachers pay close attention the wellness of students in every grade, every day. And why they are being equipped to help children navigate their worlds with a variety of tools: mindfulness, emotional intelligence, exercise and physical education, play and athletics, stress-management techniques and more.

Your investment in health and wellness (and p.e. and athletics) carries beyond the classroom to help our students become well-rounded, confident, and healthy individuals – for a lifetime of success and wellbeing.

We know children are more anxious than ever. Our society is more anxious than ever. Managing stress, making healthy choices, developing vibrant relationships, feeling empowered as a whole person — Pike is committed to developing these skills in our students so that they can live healthy, balanced lives.  Marybeth Heyd, Lower School Head, P' xx, xx.

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