A Better World, A Better Pike

We all want a better world for our children.  At Pike we are also intent on helping them realize that world.  We immerse them in the outdoor classroom and nature trail. We guide them through explorations of their relationship with others, the environment and the world.  And, most important, we empower them to take action. All to help our students realize that better world.

As an institution, we are also taking action – to reduce our ecological footprint, to minimize waste, to preserve our campus’ distinctive natural resources and history, and to prioritize sustainable practices.

Your gift furthers our status as a leader in sustainable education and educates our students to be thoughtful stewards of a better world, today!

I want our students to feel empowered, to know that they can take actions, even small ones, that lead to meaningful outcomes. Helping them understand our interconnectedness is a great first step, and the best thing is that we can show them right here on our campus because we are continuing to invest in things like the outdoor classroom and composting as a community. Tina Morris, Upper School Teacher

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