A Message from Pike's Health Office May 10, 2024

A Message from Pike's Health Office May 10, 2024

Pike Community,

Happy May! We have been enjoying our increased outdoor time and wanted to re-share a few health and wellness reminders for this season!

Seasonal Allergies

Spring allergy season is here! 

We have been reminding our students with allergies to wash their hands and face after being outdoors. Please feel free to send in a change of clothes for your child to wear outdoors as allergen counts and allergy symptom visits have increased this week.

Insect Bites 

Please consider applying insect repellent prior to school on nice days.  There have been many bothersome insect bites over the last couple of weeks. If you become concerned about a bug bite, please contact your primary care.


If we find a tick has attached itself to the skin of a student and it is discovered when the child is at school, the student will be sent to the nurse’s office. The tick will be removed and the student’s parent/guardian will be contacted with a recommendation to follow up with their Primary Care provider. 

For more Tick information please refer to 3/29 PikeHub.