Announcing our New Director of Equity and Justice

We are thrilled to announce that Jenny Jun-lei Kravitz will be our new Director of Equity and Justice. Jenny is eager to bring her whole self enthusiastically to the work at Pike.

Jenny has been actively working towards equity and justice in educational spaces for over 20 years. She has experience working with students and staff in both K-12 and higher education organizations. Her guiding principles include authentic connection and open communication, both of which are vital to create and maintain equitable spaces of learning and growth where all individuals belong and are celebrated. Jenny has partnered with both the Anti-Defamation League and the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s Safe Schools Initiative, and she has been appointed to DEI advisory roles for both Tufts University and the Town of Westford. She is currently completing her M.A. in Diversity and Inclusion Leadership at Tufts University, where her graduate research focuses on Indigenous Support and Institutional Decolonization in higher education.

Jenny and her partner, Paul, live in Westford, where they are raising their two children. As a multiracial family, they embrace and celebrate a mixed heritage of Cantonese, Jewish, and German cultures. Additionally, the family enjoys both the Star Wars and Marvel extended universes as part of a Friday evening family viewing party ritual. A former NCAA All-American athlete, Jenny embraces an active lifestyle including a recently-developed enthusiasm for boxing. She has a deep love for science, which germinated from a childhood full of inquisitive exploration, developed through the completion of two degrees in the Biological Sciences, and continues to evolve in the ways she guides her own children to appreciate the wonder of a star-filled night sky or examine fresh animal tracks in the snow.

Welcome, Jenny!