Fully Fling Virtual Speech Tournament Results

On Sunday, May 23, The Pike School Speech Team participated in the Fully Fling Virtual Speech Tournament. Unlike other speech tournaments that offer the traditional 10 events, the Fully Fling tournament included fling events, which are fun, limited prep style events and also Big Questions Debate. The Big Questions Debate resolution was “Mathematics was discovered, not invented.” Our students did well at the tournament and also had fun! 

114 students from six different schools across Massachusetts participated in this festive ending to the virtual speech season. 19 Pike students competed in at least one event with nine of them winning first place in at least one round (see results below)! Our eighth-grade debate team of Maggie Cabot and Julie Hong won all three of their rounds as seventh grade speech novice Lawrence Luo. Excellent work!

These students and the entire Speech Team have a lot to be proud of. In a challenging year, our students rose to the challenge and delivered outstanding performances at every tournament. A special shout out to the 25 novices on our team this year, who were undaunted in their pursuit of delivering great speeches!

(students in italics earned a 1st place in one of their rounds)
Congratulations to everyone on a wonderful day!

Big Questions Debate
Maggie Cabot & Julie Hong
Cathy Ma and Sabrina He

Impromptu Children’s Literature
Annabel Tu
Julia Song

Impromptu Sales
Kelvin Ma
Maeve Bissonnette
Lawrence Luo
Sabrina He

Yash Vallecha

Original Literature
Maeve Bissonnette
Evelyn Kung

Team Improv
Michelle Chen & Cathy Ma

Tongue Twister Races
Annabel Tu
Josh Kang

You’re the Expert
Kelvin Ma
Yash Vallecha
Niki Tavakoli