Results From the 2021 Happy New Year Novice Speech Tournament

The Pike School Speech Team hosted the 2021 Happy New Year Novice Speech Tournament this past Sunday, January 10. Seven schools and 127 students competed in this virtual tournament consisting of three preliminary rounds and one final round.

Pike had a strong presence with 22 novices participating in Sunday’s tournament with half of them breaking to the final round (places listed below). All novices have a lot to be proud of. It takes practice, determination, and a love for speech to jump into a virtual competition. Well done everyone! 

Pike’s eighth grade Speech Team students had the opportunity they were waiting for. A chance to judge a tournament! We are so grateful for the dedication and support of these 11 students. Thank you for your help! 

The Massachusetts Middle School Speech League’s next tournament open to all novice and veteran Speech Team students will be Sunday, January 24. Go Pike!


Janice Wong.                               Children’s Literature        6th place
Nisreen Dohadwala                     Children’s Literature        Honorable Mention
Julia Glick                                    Children’s Literature
Grace Murphy                              Declamation
Lawrence Luo                              Declamation                    6th place
Gentry Thatcher                          Declamation
Ethan Ly                                      Declamation
Josh Kang                                   Declamation
Colin Bissonnette                        Declamation
Derek Yin                                    Declamation
Caitlin Ly                                     Declamation
Saisha Bhosle                             Declamation
Kelvin Ma                                    Demonstration                 2nd place
Shaan Behara                             Demonstration                 3rd place
Maxwell Lisuwandi                      Demonstration                 1st place
Ariel Shepherdson                      Free Verse/Poetry            1st place
Charlie Domina                           Impromptu
Gavin Murphy                             Impromptu
Yash Vallecha                             Original Oratory              4th place
Zach Sarmanian                         Storytelling                      4th place
Niki Tavakoli                               Storytelling                      2nd place
Ryan Sullivan                             Storytelling                      6th place
Darius Karbassi                          Storytelling                      3rd place

Eighth Grade Judges:

Alice Murphy
Priya Roy
Evan Curtin
Maeve Bissonnette
Annabel Tu
Catherine Ma
Ginny Marshall
Julie Hong
James Xiao
Gauri Kumar
Ava Piantidosi