Where are we Headed?



Dear Pike families,


As we strive to bring our strategy to life and cultivate our vision for the future of Pike, it is with much excitement that I write to share with you the launch of our strategy page called Envisioning Pike’s Future. This resource will serve as a visual as we journey through our work and will offer real time updates on strategy progress. 


Through a process of exploration that included a community-wide survey, specialized learning teams, and a strategic design committee, we have uncovered our new Mission, Vision, and Values, to which the entirety of our strategy is anchored. 


Clarifying our purpose has enabled us to create a set of major priorities, each of which connects to ensure we continue to answer the questions of What's worth learning? and How might we enable this learning?


Our current focus is on five major priorities; the first of which sets the foundation from which all other priorities will develop.


  • The Portrait of a Pike Graduate: The Portrait of a Pike Graduate will identify the key attributes, competencies, and dispositions paramount for success as a Pike Alumni.


  • Thriving Beyond Pike: We will investigate and examine the rapid shifts in education to ensure an adaptive and responsive secondary school process.


  • Advancing Adults: Advance adult learning by investing in opportunities for growth and discovery.


  • Fueling the Future: Fuel the future of Pike through proactive stewardship of our resources.


  • Amplifying Community Impact: Create meaningful opportunities for family engagement to amplify our community impact.


View the Envisioning Pike’s Future page to read about these five priorities in detail and for an early viewing of our future priorities.

My hope is that this resource will enable you to continue this journey with us, embrace your own curiosity, and discover how the future of Pike is unfolding.




Ashley Marshall

Head of School