Sustainability has been an ongoing initiative of The Pike School for the past several years. With the firm support of the school's Board of Trustees and administration, our sustainability initiative has moved Pike to the vanguard among our peer schools in this important area.

The three mains goals of the Sustainability Committee in 2015-2016 are:

  • Environmental Literacy: to allow students to become strong advocates for sustainable values
  • Waste Management: to ensure consistency and efficiency in composting and recycling in all areas of the school
  • Solar Energy and Garden/Greenhouse projects: to move forward to completion and to integrate them into community life

Want to learn more about our strategic plan and where we started?

2015-2017 Strategic Plan

2011-2014 Strategic Plan

2008-2011 Strategic Plan

Parents, students, faculty, and staff have wholeheartedly embraced the initiative and have established lasting new procedures for schoolwide energy usage, recycling, composting, using green products for events and dining, and integrating sustainability into the curriculum at all grade levels.

These pages will provide information about our progress and continued leadership in our ideas and actions regarding sustainability.

The Pike School Carpooling Site

Sustainability at Pike: A Parent's Guide

Click here for a field guide to the plants and trees along the trail. Written by Pike Upper School students.

The Pike School
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An independent, coed, day school for pre-kindergarten through ninth grade.

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