Lower & Middle Schools

Lower School: Pre-K through Grade 2

The Lower School curriculum is rooted in activities that develop essential skills while fostering confidence and creativity, from building big block creations to exploring nature in Pre-K to sharing Kindergarten artwork with friends around the world to reading to Mr. Waters in First Grade and reenacting the Ellis Island experience in Second Grade social studies.

All Lower School students attend art, music, library and physical education classes. These courses not only greatly enrich the learning experience, but also build on core academic themes, providing a concrete – and hands-on – method of exploring the subject matter. The Lower School is about enjoying the journey – every experience is designed to instill genuine wonder. These are the years to learn to love learning! See Lower School sample schedule.
Pre-K Curriculum
Kindergarten Curriculum
Grade 1 Curriculum
Grade 2 Curriculum

Middle School: Grade 3-5

In Middle School, the curriculum adds complexity, without losing any of the immediacy of the lower grades. Here, everything that has been introduced to students in the Lower School starts to come together – in profound and personal ways.

In third grade, students combine math and science skills to identify and chart birds spotted on campus. In fourth grade, they undertake a major research project on their favorite artist: writing letters and journal entries, developing their artist’s voice, then painting a masterpiece and presenting to their classmates – dressed to the hilt. And in fifth? Technology takes center stage as students put on their engineering hats to design "taskbots" that are able to navigate an obstacle-filled landscape. See Middle School sample schedule.
Grade 3 Curriculum
Grade 4 Curriculum
Grade 5 Curriculum

The Pike School
Andover, Massachusetts

An independent, coed, day school for pre-kindergarten through ninth grade.

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