Pike Administrative Goals for 2016-2017

Our Administrative Team’s goal for the 2016-17 year is to focus on the issue of community. Two themes emerged from our exploration of this topic. Our first theme is contributing to one's maximum potential within the community. For Pike to be the best school it can be, we (students, parents, faculty, staff, administration, trustees) all need to be fully engaged and to share our talents with the community. The questions that we are asking all members of the Pike community to explore related to this theme are:

  • Of which communities within Pike are you part?
  • How do we define effective engagement in the community?
  • What skills or attributes would you like to develop in relation to your involvement at Pike?
  • How can Pike support you in developing the skills needed to realize your full potential as a community member?
  • How can Pike broaden its influence to the betterment of the greater community (regional, national, global)?

The second theme is deepening our sense of community by embracing, connecting, and engaging in open dialogue with all members. We can be proud of all we have done to make Pike an inclusive community but there is always room for further growth. For instance, we learned from last year's parent survey that there were still members of our community who did not feel fully connected. The questions that we encourage all members to consider are:

  • How do we welcome people from all constituencies most authentically?
  • How do we create quality opportunities for meaningful connections?
  • How can we foster an open dialogue that is transparent and compassionate?

Throughout the year, we will create time and space for all of us to be involved in these conversations.

Building on Success:

The Pike School Strategic Plan, 2012-2017

Pike’s mission recognizes that a great school is dynamic. The “journey that prepares students to be independent learners and responsible citizens” is always evolving, reflecting our core philosophy and our many years of experience in guiding the growth and development of children, but also considering emerging best practices in education and anticipating the world in which our children will live.

Our strategic plan is the product of 12 months of careful assessment and contemplation by our community. The Board of Trustees, Head of School Muddy Waters and the faculty, parents, alumni, outside experts, and other friends of the school have all contributed to this effort. We believe that it provides appropriate focus on a handful of key initiatives that will ensure Pike’s excellence, relevance, and well-being in the years ahead.

Read The Pike School's strategic plan, below:

The Pike School
Andover, Massachusetts

An independent, coed, day school for pre-kindergarten through ninth grade.

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