John M. Waters (1994)
Head of School, x6611
B.A. Middlebury College
M.A. Trinity College

Rod Boyer (2013)
Director of Advancement, x6601
B.A. Dickinson College
M.A. Ohio State University

Michael Eatman (2014)
Director of Community Life, x6788
B.A. Fordham University
M.A.E. Spring Arbor University

Marybeth Heyd (2017)
Head of Lower School, x6616
B.A. Boston College
M.Ed Lesley University

Aaron Hovel (2001)
Director of Technology, x6622
B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of S.C.

Kate K. Moran (2015)
Director of External Affairs, x6606
B.A. Syracuse University

Will Powers (2015)
Director of Finance and Operations, x6615
B.A. Assumption College
M.B.A. Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Marisa Schnirman (2015)
Head of Middle School, x6625
B.A. Florida Atlantic University
M.Ed University of Oklahoma

Margaret Cohn Szegvari (1994)
Director of Intern Program, x6604
B.A. Hamilton College
Ed.M. & C.A.S. Harvard University

Colleen Welsh (1998)
Head of Upper School, x6626
B.S. Springfield College
M.Ed. Lesley University

Board Of Trustees

Will Abisalih '05
Stephen Andrews '70 P'17
Edmund Aziabor P'18 '18 '22
Dr. Claudia Bach, Secretary
Firdaus Bhathena P'12 '15 '18, Chair
David Brooks P'16 '19
Elizabeth Cieri '05
Heather Clark P'11 '14 '19
Roberta Crump-Burbank P'07
Tasneem (Dahod) Dohadwala '96 P'20 '23
Scott Ginsberg P'12 '16
Laurie Hylton P'17
Monique Johnson P'20 '22
Meerie Joung P'17 '20,Vice Chair
Mark Nichols '78 P'20 '21
Leonard Pierce P'19
Sean Riley P'16 '17
Carrie Smotrich '78 P'17 '22
Dr. Will Song P'17 '22
Jeannie Sullivan P'18 '19 '23

Trustees Emeriti
Lucy Abisalih P'03 '05
Gary Campbell '69 P '02 '05 '09
Shamim Dahod P'03
Timothy Horne '51 P'75 '95

Standing Committees & Chairs

Audit Committee, Bob Borek (Chair), Scott Ginsberg, Richard Vieira, Administration/Faculty: Muddy Waters

Committee on Trustees, Michele Kerry (Chair), Lucy Abisalih, Firdaus Bhathena, Meerie Joung, Kim Packard, Administration/Faculty: Muddy Waters

Advancement Committee, Brian Lawlor (Chair), Heather Clark, Tasneem Dohadwala, Leslie Rosas, Non-Trustee: Mark Carroll, Kristen Guthrie, Monique Johnson, Mitzi Lawlor, Dana Limanni-Tarlow, Kumar Metlapali, Len Pierce, Tom Samoluk, Max Tilson, Alex Zaldestani, Administration/Faculty: Rod Boyer, Muddy Waters

Facilities Committee, Heather Clark (Chair), Bobbie Crump-Burbank, Scott Ginsberg, Leslie Rosas, Non-Trustee: JoAnn Nikolopoulos, Monica Juan Solano, Administration/Faculty: Will Powers, Aaron Hovel, Rick Wright

Finance Committee, Marcy Barker (Chair), Bob Borek, Meerie Joung, Mark Nichols, Sean Riley, Bob Solano, Richard Vieira, Non-Trustees: David Brooks Administration/Faculty: Will Powers, Muddy Waters

Sustainability Liaison, Leslie Rosas

Education Committee, Lucy Abisalih, Claudia Bach, Muddy Waters

Marketing & Communications Committee, Firdaus Bhathena, Heather Clark, Bobbie Crump-Burbank, Anne Estabrook, Monique Johnson (Chair) Administration/Faculty: Kelly Baker, Anne Cain, Jonna Doucette, Pati Fernandez, Kate Moran,

In accordance with the bylaws of the Board of Trustees, the Chairman of the Board, the Vice-chair, and the Head of School shall serve as ex-officio members of all standing committees.

The Role of the Board Of Trustees

The responsibility of the Board of Trustees of The Pike School is to be aware, to the fullest extent possible, of all matters that pertain to the philosophy and goals of The Pike School and to assure that decisions of the Board conform to these stated objectives.

1. The Board is responsible for preparing a clear statement of the school's philosophy and objectives.

2. The Board has complete and final responsibility in all fiscal affairs of the school, including assets represented by building and grounds.

3. The Board is responsible for selecting a new Head of the School, when needed.

4. The Board is responsible for establishing the policies under which the Head will administer the school.

5. The Board does not hear complaints, set curriculum, hire or supervise faculty or administrators (other than the Head), determine the salaries of the Head's employees, or in any way intervene in the daily operation of the school.

The Head of The Pike School is the chief administrative officer. The Head serves as the professional leader of the institution, administers the school according to the policies set by the Board, and works with the full Board and with standing and special Board committees to enable the Board to carry out its responsibilities.
The Pike School
Andover, Massachusetts

An independent, coed, day school for pre-kindergarten through ninth grade.

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