Music in Lower School
The music program in the Lower School focuses on helping children develop core musical skills through:

  • singing
  • instrument play
  • movement
  • improvisation
  • composition

Lower School musicians learn a variety of songs from different cultures and learn about the larger expressive qualities of music. All students participate in two annual concerts each year.

Music in Middle School
The music program in Middle School is a natural extension of the Lower School music program. Students build their musical vocabulary and take increased ownership of the creative process.

Students have the opportunity to learn how to play:

  • recorders
  • ukuleles
  • bucket drums
  • Orff xylophones
  • West African drums

They learn to improvise, both vocally and on instruments, and they compose original music for solo instruments and/or small group student ensembles. All Middle School students have the ability to participate in the Pike Middle School Chorus, an after school choral ensemble that meets once per week throughout the school year.

All students participate in two annual concerts each year.

Music in Upper School
In the Upper School emphasis is put on reading and writing music and understanding musical symbols and vocabulary. Students study music from a historical perspective and experience music from various genres.

With the help of the Garage Band app, students learn to create music in a digital environment and be able to develop their individual musical skills. Students have a chance to see and use the techniques that help create the music they listen to on a regular basis.