Visual Arts

All students participate in the school-wide Art Show that takes place every May. This exhibit serves to celebrate a fantastic year of creating and performing. Every student has at least two of their pieces displayed in the Art Show.

Lower School
In Lower School art, students are introduced to the fundamental skills, ideas and processes of art making with an emphasis on creative choices and personal expression. Each project is an opportunity to build cognitive and tactile skills with an increase in complexity at each grade level.


Middle School

In Middle School art, students continue to build their visual communication skills, with an emphasis on creative problem solving through student-centered and open-ended investigations. While working with a wide variety of two- and three-dimensional materials, they also learn the intellectual, physical, and technical skills of art making.

Upper School

In the Upper School visual arts program, emphasis is placed on balancing fundamental skill development, individual creativity and hands-on experience with a wide variety of materials and techniques aimed at opening as many creative and inspirational doors as possible. In Upper School, students work on large sculpture projects and darkroom based photography.