Student Clubs

Clubs are a fun way for Middle and Upper School students with similar interests to explore topics ranging from math and robotics to cartooning and baking. Student clubs can range in size from four to 15 students, and Pike faculty and staff serve as club advisors.

Middle School Clubs

Middle School clubs encourage critical thinking, expose students to new ideas and thinking, and allow students (and teachers) to pursue an area of interest (that may not be strictly academic in nature).

A sample of our clubs in Middle School Include:

  • Math Fun
  • Fun with Food
  • Watercoloring in Nature
  • Minecraft
  • Dance Party: 70's, 80's & Beyond
  • Cartooning
  • Board Games
  • Makerspace
  • Speech Team
  • Leadership Club
  • Sign Language
  • Gardening
  • Big Green

Upper School Clubs

Upper School clubs are student-driven. Each year, clubs are added to meet students' interests and passions.

A sample of our Upper School clubs include:

  • CARE
  • Big Green
  • Speech Team
  • Math Club
  • Media Team
  • PikeAppella
  • Gay Straight Alliance
  • Fierce Conversations
  • Drone Club
  • Let's Speak
  • Girls' STEM club
  • Robotics Team
  • Technology Club
  • Actors for Social Change

Big Green
In Big Green, a club that takes place in our Middle and Upper School, students focus on issues effecting our environment and the world that we live in. After doing research on various topics students are able to choose their own projects for the year. They have investigated food waste in the cafeteria, an issue near and dear to them, as well as the role of zoos, both good and bad, in endangered animal conservation. By choosing problems based on their passions, they become empowered to execute change.