Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity is not a statement we are trying to make; it is a practice we pursue daily. Creating community and finding a healthy balance between self respect and the respect of others is at the core of the Pike experience. We believe that Pike will grow and flourish as a whole by recognizing, respecting, sharing and understanding our similarities and differences.

As a community, we recognize the critical role of providing students with the tools to discover by integrating diversity into the curriculum and conversation. We are dedicated to exposing our students to a wide range of human perspectives and cultures to explore all the possibilities inside and outside of the classroom. Developing thinkers and citizens with the necessary skills to address and navigate the challenges of an increasingly diverse society is a must.

What adds even greater value is helping our students develop the awareness to mine for the deep genius that exists in unique perspectives. This is the contribution we are dedicated to pursuing and instilling in each child that graces our institution. It is also one of the greatest contributions we can make to society. This commitment extends to faculty, staff and administrative wings of the school. Non sibi solum.

To learn more about our work, contact Jenny Jun-lei Kravitz, Director of Equity and Justice at jkravitz@pikeschool.org.