Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity is not a statement we are trying to make; it is a practice we pursue daily. Creating community and finding a healthy balance between self respect and the respect of others is at the core of the Pike experience. We believe that Pike will grow and flourish as a whole by recognizing, respecting, sharing and understanding our similarities and differences.

As a community, we recognize the critical role of providing students with the tools to discover by integrating diversity into the curriculum and conversation. We are dedicated to exposing our students to a wide range of human perspectives and cultures to explore all the possibilities inside and outside of the classroom. Developing thinkers and citizens with the necessary skills to address and navigate the challenges of an increasingly diverse society is a must.

What adds even greater value is helping our students develop the awareness to mine for the deep genius that exists in unique perspectives. This is the contribution we are dedicated to pursuing and instilling in each child that graces our institution. It is also one of the greatest contributions we can make to society. This commitment extends to faculty, staff and administrative wings of the school. Non sibi solum.

Understanding through Affinity

Our affinity group is aimed at providing students of color with a safe time and space to share and discuss common experiences around race. The multicultural group is open to all students interested in exploring issues of diversity and multiculturalism. Both groups are available to Middle and Upper School students. This program has begun the process of creating opportunities for students to positively explore, celebrate, develop and affirm their identities.

The program supports one of the core values of The Pike School mission: "We believe that by recognizing, respecting, sharing and appreciating our similarities and differences, we grow and flourish."

The goal of the affinity group is to provide Middle and Upper School students of color with a safe and supportive space where they can be the majority and talk about their experiences as students of color. Its membership is open to students of color, and its agenda is driven by the needs and interests of the members.

The goal of the multicultural group is to provide Middle and Upper School students with a setting where issues of multiculturalism, including race, religion, sexual orientation, and gender, can be discussed in a safe environment. Membership in this group is open to all students, and its agenda is driven by the needs and interests of its members.

Affinity FAQs

What is an affinity group?

An affinity group is created for a group of people who share a common experience. Our affinity group is designed to empower students of color through a focus on race and culture as they negotiate their experiences at a predominantly white school. The goal of our affinity group is to facilitate positive identity exploration and development for students of color. The group will offer a time and space for empowerment of the individual and of the group within the greater community.

I am interested in diversity. Why can't I (a white student) attend the affinity group meetings?

Affinity group meetings will provide students of color with an environment in which they can share experiences and discuss issues related to race and diversity. In order to candidly discuss these issues, only students who share the affinity can be present at the meetings. Interest in diversity and multiculturalism is encouraged and welcomed through attendance at the multicultural group meetings, which are open to all students, including members of the affinity group. 

Who decides who attends the Upper School affinity group meetings?

Students who identify as persons of color can join the affinity group. Any student, regardless of how he/she identifies, is welcome to join the multicultural group, including members of the affinity group. Both groups are open to Upper School students. To make sure that meetings feel safe for all to speak, conversations are confidential.

How do the Middle School affinity groups differ from the Upper School groups?

All students may join the Middle School affinity group provided their parents sign a permission slip. Meetings alternate between those for children of color and those open to all. Students participate in activities and reflect on them. They take part in large- and small-group discussions. To make sure that meetings feel safe for all to speak, conversations are confidential.

What goes on in the affinity group meetings?

The students and their faculty advisors are discussing issues of diversity that affect their lives, whether at Pike or at home. The conversations are student-generated and run, while guided by the faculty advisors. The faculty advisors are present to support the group both during and outside the meetings.

I treat everyone the same. Why is Pike pointing out our differences?

While there are many similarities in the lives of Pike students, there are also differences. We believe it is important for students of color at Pike to have a time and place to speak with peers who share common experiences regarding race. Our affinity group is not creating divisions, but rather honoring the experiences that students of color already encounter.

To learn more about our work with diversity, contact Michael Eatman, Director of Community Life, at mleatman@pikeschool.org.