One of the newest additions to Pike is our makerspace, Spark.
Makerspaces provide an environment that fosters curiosity, where individuals can engage in hands-on experiential learning, creation, and exploration. Makerspaces promote the joy of learning through creative experimentation with a wide variety of “low-tech” and “high-tech” tools and materials.

Spark is a space that is open to all students where the excitement and possibilities of learning are contagious, and where students are intrinsically motivated to discover.

Students are using Spark to:

  • Design anatomical body parts using our 3D printer
  • Learn about coding with Kibo Robots
  • Use Rigamajigs to better understand simple machines and build life-size structures
  • Design clothes for our Upper School "Fun with Fashion" club
  • Build musical instruments fro Music class such as musical stairs and a musical fan
  • Create circuits
  • Create book covers for autobiography projects
  • Design Upstanders for history class

Photos From our Makerspace